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Kranzle the Company    

GRILLGR8 are now Authorised Distributors and re-sellers of Kranzle products on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland.

Kranzle makes a breakthrough into cleaning technology when launched in Germany back in 1974 by Josef Kraenzle.  With current exports to the four corners of the globe and almost every continent, Kranzle Germany is where this enterprising family still has its headquarters today.

Kranzle are Market Leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of a Gr8 range of the highest quality pressure cleaning systems .

Kranzle are distinguished by their extremely modern design and at this time the company manufactures an extraordinarily high quality product, with precision engineering boasting a long service life and Gr8 economic efficiency.

The Kranzle Company is the exclusive manufacturer of the Kranzle Product Range.  That’s right, no other manufacturing company is licensed to manufacture their products.  Therefore, their uncompromising quality management is always assured.  The Kranzle Company is Certified according to the TUV Product service and the ISO 9001.
Decisive Technical Advantages                  

Made in Germany

The major reason for the success of the Kranzle product is the GR8 importance attached to their in-house Research and Development at the Illertissen Plant in Bavaria.  Kranzle uses state of the art CAD systems to optimize production processes and provide superior product quality.
The high pressure pump is the heart of each high pressure cleaner.  Kranzle’s pump heads are made entirely of forged brass to ensure a long service life with top quality and reliability.  All Kranzle pumps are manufactured on state of the art CNC machining centres; these electronic control systems guarantee maximum compliance to specifications and a precision product.
Kranzle high pressure cleaners set the standards in the context of environmental protection.  They save water and energy and yet are able to achieve a maximum cleaning effect.  Each and every Kranzle cleaning unit is put through exhaustive function tests prior to leaving the factory in Germany.

All Kranzle products are fully tested according to the CB-scheme and the TUV/GS test procedures and are certified accordingly.

  • Based on Kranzle’s breakthrough technologies that are leading the way in both industrial and commercial environments.  Kranzle high pressure cleaners include these key features:
  • Built into every machine is Kranzle’s unique, patented pressure-less bypass feature: when the trigger of the spray gun is released, the machine will go into pressure-less bypass mode which ensures the machine idles without loading the seals, pump or motor!  This feature also avoids pressurising the water as water under pressure will generate excessive heat which can damage the seals, pump and motor.  This patented Pressure-less Bypass feature greatly extends and guarantees longevity of the Kranzle pressure cleaner.  This technology is greatly preferred to the motors in other brands on the market, having to switch off every time the operator releases the trigger!
  • Kranzle’s entire range of high pressure cleaners only use fully forged brass pump heads and includes a run-dry safety feature.  This feature prevents scouring of the pistons and seals should the water supply be cut or restricted and allows the Kranzle pump to run dry for up to 2 hour (most pumps on the market can only run dry for a few minutes before overheating, seizing and destroying the pump).

First Class Service    

  • Kranzle provides a Specialist Service bringing you a selection of the most innovative and effective cleaning technologies currently available worldwide.  Kranzles principals in Germany have engineered superior system designs that are not only easy to use, but they require lower maintenance and ongoing running costs and provide maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • Kranzle also specializes in providing fast Australia-wide, overnight deliveries.
  • Kranzle has a comprehensive network of Kranzle-appointed Service Agents available to customers throughout Australia.
  • Personal professional service coupled with Kranzle’s precision-engineered cleaners, delivers optimum solutions tailored to your exacting cleaning requirements.

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